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Anonymous asked: "Hey, I noticed that round 3 signups started this time last year. Are you planning to do a new round this year?"

Hey! We’ve gotten a few questions on this, and due to personal reasons, the mods will not be able to handle the demands of a big bang round this year. I personally don’t know of any other bangs going on this summer, but if anyone does, feel free to comment.

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Here’s my contribution to the Blaine Big Bang, it is for the awesome and funny Every Time You Move (I Let a Little More Show). Go read it!!
Thanks to hedgerose and penguinutopia who were kind enough to let me draw for them. :D
In case the link don’t work:


Here’s my contribution to the Blaine Big Bang, it is for the awesome and funny Every Time You Move (I Let a Little More Show). Go read it!!

Thanks to hedgerose and penguinutopia who were kind enough to let me draw for them. :D

In case the link don’t work:

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Fic: Every Time You Move (I Let a Little More Show)


Title:Every Time You Move (I Let a Little More Show)

Authors: penguinutopia and hedgerose

Artist: Subaru444

Link to Art Post: here!


Summary: He’s sexy! He’s cute! He’s popular to boot! It’s Blaine Anderson’s first and only year as Head Cheerleader of the McKinley High School Cheerios, and he is going to make sure that it’s an excellent one. (A Bring It OnAU. We’re sorry.)

Word Count:30,232

Pairings:Blaine/Sebastian, Blaine/Kurt, Brittany/Santana, Hunter/His Ego, Sebastian/Adam

Contains:References to homophobia and gay-bashing, consensual sex under the influence of alcohol (both parties). Finn is present, but is not a major part of the fic.

Betas: As always, we have huge amounts of love for Tina, who whips us into shape every time. Thanks also go to Lissa, especially for the cheerleading help.

Author’s Notes: The ages of several characters have been changed to fit the story, because what is canon even. Thanks to oneflamingofor the cheerleading help. Also, we swear that this isn’t a 90’s AU, much as Blaine might wish it were.

This was inspired by a conversation between the two of us that essentially went like this:

“Blaine’s sexy.”

“He’s cute!”

*dawning looks of horror/glee* “HE’S POPULAR, TO BOOT.”

And, well. FANFICTION.

On Ao3 | On LJ

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Art for the Blaine Big Bang. This goes with “Stolen Bases, Stolen Hearts” which is a really fun soulmate AU where Blaine is a professional baseball player. 

I wish the scan of my original drawing were a little nicer. Anyway, check out the story that goes with it!


Art for the Blaine Big Bang. This goes with “Stolen Bases, Stolen Hearts” which is a really fun soulmate AU where Blaine is a professional baseball player.

I wish the scan of my original drawing were a little nicer. Anyway, check out the story that goes with it!

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Fic: Stolen Bases, Stolen Hearts (Masterpost)


Title: Stolen Bases, Stolen Hearts
Author: unsung_song / jukeboxanderson
Artist: batkonehat
Word Count: 25,762
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Kurt/Blaine, Mike/Tina, Sam/Mercedes, Wes/OFC, mentions of Santana/Brittany, Puck/Quinn, as well as past Blaine/Sebastian and Blaine/Eli; also includes Rachel, Will, Ryder, Jesse, and other canon and original characters
Warnings: homophobia, including in the media; brief mention of character death
Summary: Blaine Anderson, baseball’s next superstar, is loved by millions, but he’s secretly on the hunt for his soulmate. It doesn’t take long for that search to become public. Will he meet the mysterious Kurt Hummel before it’s too late?
Notes: Written for Beyond Dapper's Blaine Big Bang and prompted here on the Glee Kink Meme.

First off, thank you to the incredible women who run the Blaine Big Bang. It’s been a pleasure finally getting something in for this challenge.

I’d been wanting to write soulmate!fic for several months when I came across the prompt on the GKM. It fit perfectly because, after Blaine and Darren, baseball is my love. I planned it out, all the way down to him being in either Atlanta or Boston, the rivals of both New York teams. In the end Atlanta won because a. the stigma of being an out public figure in the South made for quite an interesting story, and b. I’m a huge Red Sox fan and it scared me to do that and ruin my love for both. A few weeks after I began plotting and writing, basketball player Jason Collins came out. I knew right away that this story was going to be even more special.

There IS mention of character death that’s…well. Cory’s death changed a bit of the plot for me and in fact worked out in my favor.

Special thank yous go to my non-fandom friend Ashleigh, who deals with my obsessions and helps me work through everything, to Stuts for encouraging me to write when I didn’t want to write, and to Beth for stepping in late and creating the wonderful art for the story.


Disclaimer: None of the characters or teams involved in the story belong to me; they are properties of either Ryan Murphy or Major League Baseball.

LJ Masterpost / AO3 Link


So I did some art! Specifically, I did art for the lovely idoltina for the Beyond Dapper 2013 Blaine Big Bang. Her fic is called Rewrite This Story and well… that’s all I’m going to divulge about it. ;) The first image is the full original digital painting that I did (high res should be available by clicking on it). I also created an ePub (sldo .mobi) using a cropped version of the art for the cover as well as a cover for the fanmix that idoltina put together to go with the fic, both of which can be downloaded/accessed from the link above.

ETA: Apparently links don’t work in captions so this links to a high-res version of the main image.

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Fic: Rewrite This Story


Title: Rewrite This Story
Author: idoltina
Artist: sillygleekt
Betas: aspiringtoeloquence, controlofwhatido, hedgerose, hollyandvice, lurkdusoleil, penguinutopia, shesanoddoneisntshe, sillygleekt, whenidance
Word Count: 105,328 [LJ] | 104,458 [AO3]
Rating: NC-17
Characters: Blaine Anderson, Cooper Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Anderson, Kurt Hummel, Emma Pillsbury, Marley Rose, Millie Rose, OFCs
Pairings: Blaine Anderson and Kurt Hummel, Mr. And Mrs. Anderson, past Emma Pillsbury and Will Schuester, past Jake Puckerman and Marley Rose, past Ryder Lynn and Marley Rose
Genre: angst, au, gen, romance
Spo!lers (if any): canon seasons one through four (with a very unimportant, vague reference to a song spo!ler for 05x01, but it shouldn’t be enough to deter spo!ler-phobes)
Warnings: accidental self-injury, adult language, agoraphobia, anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, discussion of previous relationships with consent and abuse issues, domestic arguments with borderline abusive language, eating disorders, flashbacks and mentions of past homophobia and violence, mental disorders, mentions of night terrors, mentions of previous character death (both canonical and noncanonical), mild dominant/submissive dynamics, mild illness, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic disorders, possible coercion (medical and sexual), prescribed drug use, sex (including blowjobs, fingering, handjobs, masturbation, riding, use of sex toys), therapy, use of safewords
Summary: Six outer walls, five doors, five rooms, three windows, and one balcony. This is the world in which Blaine Anderson has lived for ten years.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Glee, any of the mentioned musicals, etc.

Author’s Notes:

Written as part of beyond dapper’s 2013 Blaine Big Bang. Title comes from Smash’s Rewrite This Story.

This piece portrays someone in a therapy situation, and certain liberties were taken based on the relationship of the characters. Readers should not expect real life therapy sessions to work like those in this piece. This piece also depicts a situation similar to a support group, and liberties were taken with it as well. Again, readers should not expect real life support groups to be like the one portrayed in this piece.

This piece vividly deals with a variety of disorders, often in vivid and explicit detail. If you are easily triggered by any of the aforementioned items in the list of warnings, please exercise caution in reading this piece. In particular, this piece heavily deals with someone with anxiety and panic disorders. This is one portrayal of someone in this position, specific to the character in the story. Not everyone who has these disorders has similar experiences. The character is not a template for everyone with anxiety and panic disorders. The same goes for all disorders mentioned in this piece. Every depiction is specific to the characters in the piece and should not be assumed to be one-hundred percent accurate or true for anyone with similar disorders.

If you are familiar with hedgerose’s (Def)inition verse, you may notice some similarities at times, particularly in comparison with her more recent updates (see: chapter eighteen). This was completely unintentional. We both happened to be working on our own pieces simultaneously, but no plagiarism occurred. (Also, we are very close friends; eerily similar writing was bound to happen at some point.)

Affectionately subtitled recluse!Blaine, this fic — this fic is the little fic that could. I have carried this fic and its versions of these characters with me since its conception last November. It has been abandoned and picked up countless times, and in the midst of school, work, my mother’s cancer, and being a beta for five other pieces (four of which were also products of this big bang), there were times I was genuinely not sure I was going to be able to do this. This absolutely would not be seeing the light of day without my betas, so a huge, resounding thank you to each and every one of them. You all helped in some capacity or another along the way, and without your encouragement and reassurance and time and care, this piece would not be what it is. A breathless thank you also goes to sillygleekt, who gave my words and thoughts and visions a visual with her absolutely stunning piece of art. Thank you for being inspired by my work even though you didn’t have to be. Thank you for being my first.

From the walls of my home to yours.

* * * * *

| LJ | AO3 | ART | FANMIX | epub | .mobi for Kindle |


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Blaine Big Bang artwork for devonwood's brilliant fic Connection. Guys, you should definitely go read it as soon as possible!

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Title: Connection
Beta(s)Tina and Lissa
Word Count: 35,100
Rating: R
Warnings: Sex. Mentions of homophobia, off-screen violence, and sexual assault relating to canon events between Kurt and Karofsky in NBK, as well as Blaine at Sadie Hawkins.
Genre: Romance, AU, Comedy
Characters/Pairings: Blaine/Kurt, Warblers, Mr. and Mrs. Anderson
Summary: The Chase/Devon cheating plotline that dominates the season four winter finale of Sing rocks the fandom to its core. Fortunately, the Chevon Big Bang sign-up date coincides with the dark, wank-filled times, and thanks to an old beta services post in the now-defunct Chase-Devon Livejournal community, Blaine finds himself with a full plate during the hiatus. He has practice for show choir sectionals, drabbles to write under AU photosets that crop up on his dash, and now a twenty-five-thousand word Chase/Devon fix-it fic to beta for Kurt, moderator of the Fashion of Sing! blog and fandom personality known for his often passive-aggressive episode commentary. Fortunately, the last one takes Blaine in directions he hadn’t expected when he signed up for Tumblr and followed his first Sing blog.


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Blaine Big Bang storytime!

Artwork made for Rachel's absolutely amazing fanfic As Long As It Takes. Read it on LJ or AO3. I loved every second of working on this! :)